Sinking No More…

Megha Sharma

The hot wind blew relentlessly in my face as I prayed for the umpteenth time for it all to go away.

The three-wheeler lurched and bumped along the dusty roads that were curiously devoid of any usual traffic snarls which marked the route I undertook daily.

I sat in there with my hands lying neatly folded in my lap- sometimes staring into the emptiness of the barren expressway while at others staring away from the curious and slightly leery glare of the driver.

What was it that was so distressing about the day?

Soon enough and before I knew it, I had tears streaming down my face. Now, I am a frequent crier. I wail at situations that people wouldn’t turn around to give a second thought to, but which are curiously important to me.

But this was different. Today was different. These tears didn’t feel the same and there was no comfort to be derived from them.

The next day was much the same, except the fact that the ride back home was relaxing and didn’t carry with itself the cumbersome mores of despair that beset me the day past.

I guess what I am trying to articulate in words here is the fact that Life Goes On. The loss that you and I moan about and think as being irreparable is but momentary. That feeling of sinking in a bottomless pool of agony is but momentary.

The people we lost might not come back, the ties we yearn for might never become a reality for us but eventually Life Goes On. And you have no option but to move on with it….


~ by eugenicist on May 8, 2009.

One Response to “Sinking No More…”

  1. Hi there,

    I agree wholly with your sentiment.

    At times, moving on is tough coz because we think we might appear callous and cold to ourselves or another if we don’t continue grieving forever.

    ‘Moving on’ seems to be somethin accomplished only by being dragged away kicking and screaming from what one would prefer to wallow in.

    As cold and callous as I mite be sounding, the faster we move around the Kubler Ross curve, the better off we are.
    Been there, trying to do that !

    Keep up the great work, Megha.


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