Save the last dance..

Megha Sharma

“Sway me smooth… sway me now!” crooned the sultry and sensual Julie London.

For those unaware of the finer workings of Project Maya, it may sound as if I am a dependable authority on this genre of music; for those who are aware of how I function… you can laugh all you want but even you have to grant that I do sound intelligible here 😛

Soft and smooth is what characterizes quintessential jazz. Be it Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles or the inimitable and absolutely delightful Ella Fitzgerald, the sound and the feel of jazz transports one into another realm of existense.

It plays in your head over and over again, the notes wrapped in a dark, velveteen aura. My feet tinkle and I itch to give up all inhibitions and do just that… sway.

A heightened sense of feeling, a relish for touch and a hankering for passionate love. All these and more such emotions assail you in the midst of a busy working day, thanks to the aforementioned artistes and the music they create.

It all sounds very dreamy and I will once again be sadly accused of garnering rosy visions when the reality actually  is very diffrent for me.

But tune into “Cry me a river…” and you will realize that there is more to the calming and sometimes poignant notes of the saxophone than the mere vision of a couple dancing in slow motion.


~ by eugenicist on December 11, 2008.

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