Is America ready to witness and assimilate change?

The hectic campaigning drew to a closure with a bang. The day dawned with a euphoric feel to it. History stood on the threshold for America on Nov 4, 2008 as Barack Hussein Obama trounced his Republican rival John McCain with a huge margin to become US’ first black president.

The world went in a tizzy of delight and exclamations galore as the young, political novice gracefully accepted the verdict that laid to rest on his shoulders world’s most powerful job. Needless to say, the fiery and wonderfully eloquent Democrat delighted with his inspiring words that unleashed hope in leaps and bounds.

But as a young international affairs expert has pointed out, Obama’s promised slew of changes – when scrutinised in a practical light – yield little in effect and hence can be best described as “cosmetic” in nature. (Manoj Kewalramani: ‘Substantial Indifference’)

Now, while very much debatable, the point remains that Obama’s election does bring a range of issues in its wake that seek resolution. One of these is the fact of his racial identity that though adding to his mass appeal remains at loggerheads with the deep seated conservative nature of American political and social strata.

An analysis of the results clearly and disturbingly points out the fact that Obama suffers a defecit of over 10 percent as compared to McCain in the category of white voters. Though not a huge margin, it goes against the dominant trend, wherein he has comfortably managed to woo all sections of the public.

Will America’s deep seated racial misgivings come into play in the coming four years? Will this aura of invincibility, which Obama seems to enjoy now, hold in face of crucial foreign policy decisions that he may choose to make and which will definitely irk many nerves?

Are we sure that in these times when the waning superpower is struggling to reassure itself, this ‘seemingly willing for change’ America will stand by its president elect and not allude any of his failures or decisions to his ethnic origin?

These are some of the questions that the world will seek answers to as it keeps an eye on how Obama heralds the much touted wave of change that was his calling card to becoming the one who altered the course of global political history.


~ by eugenicist on November 6, 2008.

One Response to “Is America ready to witness and assimilate change?”

  1. M a big follower of this blog for its literary touch and creative imagination. But her piece on Obama shows her clear understanding on the american politics and the racial paradox. But still hope to learn more from her literary riches…

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