Hope defereth too long begets misery..

Megha Sharma

The epithet above is scarily accurate and this is something I discovered much to my chagrin recently. Hoping is essential and basic to human nature. Many a lofty soul and intellect have advised against it and many a laymen have nevertheless fallen pray to its inviting tentacles.

It comes so very naturally and doesn’t leave one any time to ponder over its consequent ramifications. But it slays, and very sharply so, when one lets it reign for a period too long. Hope.. but learn to disband the same when things refuse to change for the better, or what you assume to be a movement for the better.

Globally accepted maxims will tell you that the direct alternative to hope is nothing but despair. That is something I choose to disagree with. An effective, practicle and emotionally sound alternative to the same is acceptance of the things as they stand.

Herein Bhagwad Geeta is right when it propounds that doing the action is enough, worrying and hankering after the results is no good!

Alas, if only I could wholeheartedly follow the same and thereby protect myself from the vicious pangs of hope that leave a trail of dismayed dreams in its wake….

(Disclaimer: My own incapability to adhere does not translate into a universal applicability of the same. So please, do give the theory a try)


~ by eugenicist on October 2, 2008.

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