Title=? (Am blank-Suggestions are welcome!)

Megha Sharma

“I know what they want from me.. They want a Why.. Maybe a What”

In this day and age of being different, of being indivisualistic, of defeating the herd mentality and charting one’s own path – I stand ironically alone in being painfully normal…just plain.

There are times when I have nothing extraordinarily witty to add to a conversation. There are times when I have no new information to disseminate. There are times when I dont get things…but then is it soo bad?

It is true to some extent that devoid of the urge to best yourself, life loses direction and meaning. But then do we all have to be infused within that vicious circle?

Some are blessed with that intellectual brilliance, that intent bent of mind that necessitates scouting for regular development. They need to – nay deserve to – seek out challenges and constantly replenish themselves. Others like me don’t mind being just that – normal – witty at times, daft at others! 🙂

Being the second best is not the worse, neither is it defeatist and ignorant. I do things that I love, I do them the way I like to, then where am I the loser?

I thrive on spontaniety, on writing, on communicating, on dancing to any godforsaken random song. I do all these, but it seems it is not enough for the world around me..

“I know what they want from me…They want a Why..Maybe a What”


~ by eugenicist on August 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Title=? (Am blank-Suggestions are welcome!)”

  1. You’re just you. If you behaved differently, it wouldn’t be you. It would be someone else in your place, asking a different set of questions.

    I just para-phrased Max Payne. 😀

  2. the pace with which the article follows makes u think on the wys and hows of life. commoners would always judge life on worldly achievements

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