Miss Jellybones, courtesy Bruce!

Megha Sharma

My bones are turning to jelly..they truly are, melting honey on warm buttered croissants!!!!! Ummmmm…Well, before you press the panic button over my apparently benumbed state of mind, let it be known that I have been very successfully initiated into the world, where Springsteen is the GOD.

A bumbling amatuer when it comes to the knowhow of English music per se (apart from some routine popular hits and one odd song that has driven me to desperation) I have had no history in the same. A girl that completely thrives on chichora, quintessential bollywood music, I just happen to love jazz and the saxophone.

But, today was the day I was introduced to Springsteen…I was made to hear two songs…I wanted more.. I came home and have been hooked on ever since.  From the absolutely awesome “Tougher than the rest” to the very sultry, yet thoughtful “Fire”, to the ambigous “She’s the one”, I have fallen bigtime for the sometimes mellow, sometimes baritone voice.

To begin with, I am getting on with these and hope to soon acquire the taste in order to appreciate the deeper lyrics. Will keep thee all posted. Springsteen…here I come!!!!!!!!!!

Post script: My header image is subject to change as per my reigning whim…..!


~ by eugenicist on August 15, 2008.

One Response to “Miss Jellybones, courtesy Bruce!”

  1. Ack! When will you kids learn? It’s not Hindi or English or Sinhalese. It’s just music. It not about the language.

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