Just why on Earth Lalu Yadav impresses me so..

Megha Sharma

There.. I have admitted it to the world. I have come out in the open with my immense love and admiration for the inimitable, invincible Padmshree Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav ji.

The only guy who can justifiably claim the mantle of the quintessential Indian politician, with the veritable mix of desi, videsi thrown in is the former Bihar CM.

This is not to praise the sham and almost laughable version of democracy our politicians follow. Trust me when I say that I am one of the harshest critics of the sullied system that leaves barely little for us to emulate.

Viewing this magnetic persona solely in the light of his personal attributions and affectations (If I may dare to say so!), Lalu wins hands down when it comes to spontaneous repartee and impressive bravado.

Lalu’s antics in the recent Parliamentary trust vote had one and all in splits. Amid a politically volatile situation, his voicing of support for the much hassled Rahul Gandhi and his outright satirical stance on Behenji Mayawati’s ambitions was absolutely priceless. A shrewed politician, Lalu was at his poetic best that day.

He fits the bill of the Court Joker, who in classical dramatis personae was the voice of critique, garbed in satire and jovial mumblings.

I wish Lalu was every bit a conscentious leader as he is an entertainer. Nevertheless, my love for him stands true…!


~ by eugenicist on August 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Just why on Earth Lalu Yadav impresses me so..”

  1. “People of India including the people of Bihar have innate talents and qualities which became dusty under the foreign rule which discredited the Indian institutions and Indian thought processes in order to perpetuate their own policies and thinking with a view to exploiting the Indian resources.

    Under an independent regime, the innate qualities and thought processes of Indians including those in Bihar are coming to the surface shaking the dust which was settled on it and have demonstrated the world that India can become a resurgent economic power and also be an engine for re-ordering the world thought processes for the good of humanity.

    All these energies have to be garnered and gathered with able and adept leadership who understands the indigenous psyche of India at its grass-roots and makes everyone an essential partner in development.”

    Dear MeghaJi,

    If you are in Delhi, please visit the firstever autographed pictorial coffee-table book on your HERO – Lalu Prasad:India’s Miracle”
    Please visit: http://www.bismillahkhan.blogspot.com to judge our works.
    The book is expected to be released by Farouque Shaiks and Nafisa Ali by Sept 26.
    Mail me: jshivnath@gmail.com

    It is a great hope for India that a person who rose from abysmal poverty can change destinies given the right environment and right initiatives and Lalu Prasad has amply demonstrated the same. He symbolises social justice and is a virtual mirror image of the down-trodden.

  2. Lallu Prasad Yadav is a charismatic leader in real sense on all parameters of leadership…

    He has been pulled and sullied with all false propaganda through all type or media and bitching (sorry) by the upper caste of Bihar.

    Long Live Lalu

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