Frequently bemoaning in an uncomplaining fashion!

Spontaneous verve is not always the best way to go! This is a conclusion I have reached after much introspection (am capable of doing so, you know!) and observation. Curtailing impulsive actions is important at times.

Though doing so more than often can result in way too much repression of emotions, not doing so at all can be catastrophic as well. People, your friends need to really understand you in order to view your spontaniety in the right light. Not every situation and every person is capable of doing so, hence in such situations one has to employ one’s better judgement and restrain oneself!

I love being spontaneous in my own little ways because the way I see it, i repress a whole lot to justify  those few instances of impulsiveness. But for those around me, I can be a little too much to handle at times.

I can go on from being loud, giggly, utterly non-discretionary to the adverse side of it, namely very sad, dejected and howling away to glory. Damn! this spontaneous urge, my emotions swim on the very surface, ready to trickle out anytime.  People happen to think that a strong individual or a valuable friend must basically be impassive, his emotions shrouded in layers of consciousness so that he can be resilient. Well, i beg to differ on this account.

A strong individual is one who can cry with you, one who proves his or her worth by coming to your rescue when you need it, without you having to ask for it! A good friend will feel bad if you rebuke him because it matters to him what you say. A roadside conductor cannot make me cry, but a simple frown on my friend’s face, owing to me, can. And this is something I dont want to change about myself!


~ by eugenicist on June 18, 2008.

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