Me cricket crazy!

Megha Sharma

I must admit beforehand that I am not the resident expert on the gentleman’s game (Ps: have a major feminist grudge against this nomenclature!!), but nevertheless the frenzy gets to me too. The ongoing IPL has me up in arms, literally and metaphorically!

Being an avid SRK fan, I couldnt resist endearing myself to his team of boys.. But, being a delhiite for the better part of my earthly existense, I owe a certain part of my loyalties to the home turf as well.

My boys, all smashin in black and gold, started with a bang – faltered with a whimper – and struck back with a fist pumping high in the air.

Cricket tantamounts to a relegion in India, though I personally would not like to endorse obsessive ranting for one single sport, which works to the detriment of others.

I might be the last person to be able to differentiate a square cut from a cover drive, but I sure do know how to cheer when I see a hit heading to a six…

Hoping one of my teams (let me be frank, I wish more for my Knights!) makes it to the semi-finals, I am sure to bedeck myself suitably, and cheer till I am hoarse!

A dear friend of mine recently cast aspersions on my ambitious hopes for my boys. You see.. he is a Mumbai supporter. Now, as much as I love Tendulkar.. I definitely love SRK more (Can you blame me there!!) and thus am revelling in the Knightly stature of team Shahrukh!

Here’s to the Knight Riders!!!!!!


~ by eugenicist on May 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Me cricket crazy!”

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  2. Talk about abusing the exclamation mark.

    Just for the record, Mumbai will win the IPL.

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