Just where do I err people?

Megha Sharma

Befuddling ignorance, nonplussed anxiety and a freakishly worrisome head are parts of my essential make up that I seek to completely do away with.  I ponder upon things, events, incidents that are of mere trivial stance for others. I worry myself dead about issues that refuse to create a minor dent in everybody else’s life!

The reason for the same is something that eludes my better sense! Is being polite and caring not enough? Why do people need to condone the platitudinal maxims about human relations that I seek to prove redundant? Give some, ignore some mantra seems to work for everybody except me!

Is expression and voicing of care naive and simplistic? Being covert is definitely not my thing and that is the reason perhaps why I end being taken for granted more than often. But alas! I refuse to learn! I end up bothering myself endlessly about those I care for, inspite of their utter disinterest in the same.

Affection for somebody or something is not a commodity to be rationed in careful quantities, so as to make the person concerned, value the same! You either care or you dont!

Similarly, it takes intelligence and lucidity to realise the elusiveness of something like this, when it is endowed upon you! If I am stupid enough not to appreciate what I recieve without asking for, then probably I dont deserve it at all !!!!!!!

But I have said it before and at the risk of repeating myself, here I go again, feeling is more important than succumbing to the fear of facing disappointment!

But, I wonder, if this is what caring for dear friends (they are my buddies, I might not be their’s) does to me, god save me when I fall in love!

Disclaimer: I like to believe that I make myself alone the subject of all these inquisitions and hence abstain from affording others heartache! 🙂


~ by eugenicist on April 11, 2008.

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