Dignified aggression: That’s me!!!

Megha Sharma

A polyphonous edge is what saves life from relegating into realms of monotony. Every human being is different in his/her own unique way. Co-existense and discovering similarities where none ostensibly exist is the joy that a socially relevant way of living affords us!

If I am different in my own way, am I supposed to be held accountable for it? Self-analysation and introspective mooring are a part of life, but so are my individual whims and fancies that make me what I am in actuality.

Being a person possessing a decent level of aggression, that I prefer to display in my own quiet, laidback way, I am often subjected to scrutiny that is followed by a general mandate that declares me a ‘sissy’, who is non-daring and thus not enough ‘fun’ to be with!

Ha! well gear up detractors, I have something else coming your way!

Leaving myself out of the debate, I would like to ruminate on our general tendency to push people in a direction, which is not them! I absolutely adore my friends and well-wishers who seek to improve me for my betterment. Giving myself some credit for sensible judgement, I am able to differentiate between a positive prodding and a negative looking down-upon!

My stand on any issue is always open to debate as long as the contention is over better handling of the subject in question. But when it takes the form of ridicule, that is in all probability non-intentional, the results are disastorous!

Any self-respecting human being would rue a situation that leads to a damaging assessment of one’s social standing and people’s general verdict thereupon.

Essentially, we all seek approval. We all work towards gaining the same from those who matter to us! We work harder to gain the acceptance, albiet grudgingly so, of our detractors!

Imposing upon those you love, is a right you clinch through mutual trust and affection, whereas, imposing upon each and everybody, with a vociferous edge to it, is tantamount to an abuse of one’s social standing!


~ by eugenicist on March 11, 2008.

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