Feb 29: Maya interrupted!!!

Megha Sharma

A twisted ankle, a messed up mind, a vindictive boss, a witty verbal volley, a few teardrops and a set of friends positively fed up of what they assumed to be my ‘weakling’ ways! These are the choicest epithets that perfectly describe a day gone by in my eventful struggle to make life happen!

A regular work day, which began with me taking a trip to a rudimentary medical facility for the umpteenth time! I came back to tales of daily complications that life nevertheless throws up in everybody’s face. I outmanoevered these successfully, keeping desperation at bay only to reach my workplace, where a turmoil of a whole different nature waited my arrival!

What ensued was an apology from my side, which I thought was incumbent to the issue, a non-acceptance of the same by the powers-that-be and a final verbal tussle, wherein I resorted to finally coming of age (as I see it) and responding with polite, non-commital satire to a direct attack, meant to undermine my self completely!

That done, I was faced with a curious feeling. A feeling of satisfaction yet restlessness at the continuing roller coaster ride that had me hurtling towards the abssymmal. The various battles caught on and I succumbed to their force for a mere instance! Here, is where I erred!

I am myself very much aware of the fact that weakness is something you need to treasure! It is something that is perfectly normal and humane, but must necessarily be controlled to come out only in utter isolation of one’s self or in front of those you completely trust!

Let it loose somewhere else and you are in for the worse time of your lives!

Well! that taken care off, I must say that the non-commital verbal volley was refreshingly interesting! To be the official devil’s cub is a novel feeling indeed!

The day was replete with it’s funny moments and catastrophies of epic proportions though! Owing to the invasion of a four-legged feline nuisance, I ended up with a bandaged foot and a positively non-glamorous limp!

I bid my adieus to a day that will go down as a prominent entry in the chronicles of my life!


~ by eugenicist on March 2, 2008.

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