A Delhi the denizens rue!

Megha Sharma

(Ideation and conceptualization: Manoj Kewalramani)

Roads bathed in florescent light with high-end cars zipping past each other; fill one’s view, symbolizing the frantic rush of life that typifies a metro city like our very own Delhi.

We cut the overview to zoom in intrinsically at one specific part of the city, where a young man can be seen haggling with a motley group of auto rickshawwallahs, arguing indecisively over the fare, which ironically is supposed to be regulated through automated means.

The 28-year-old is visibly flustered and beginning to get angry at the daily diatribe that continues to amaze him with its sheer audacity, day in and day out. He looses his usual calm, controlled veneer and launches into a barrage of colourful expletives that serve the purpose of satisfying his battered psyche.

For a capital city that boasts of a regal history and a multihued culture, Delhi is nevertheless beset with scores of parasitical nuances that cast gory aspersions on its status of being a city of ‘dilwallahs’.

The young man who occupies the focal point of our panoramic view is a media professional, who has been settled in Delhi for the past couple of years. The ethics and level of courtesy, or better still the lack of it have left him dismayed and frowning in wonder and amazement.

He goes through the exhausting routine of getting to work and back everyday with a renewed vigour, that wanes by the end of the day, fighting a losing battle with an utterly ridiculous and blatantly exploitative public transport system that leaves one with no choice but to succumb to the commercial propaganda, urging one to invest in a personal vehicular respite.

My protagonist explains to me that if it would have ended there, it would have saved him many a qualm, but that was not to be. Road rage and a dangerously dwindling tolerance level are other maladies that are rendering the spirit of the city hollow from inside.

The same day as he gave in to his primal urges and went on a verbal spree against the city’s autowallahs, who are no better than touts, the versatile young man also encountered a case of ‘displaced wisdom’. Two seemingly dignified men of elderly status zoomed past in a car, in total ignorance of the man standing quietly in one corner of the street. Being in the wrong themselves, they yelled at my hero and on his retaliating to the undeserved outburst, gave the unerring logic of them being senior enough to reprimand him!

The incident presented a classic case of road rage, manifested in the form of the age old issue of seemingly venerable elderly wisdom coming at loggerheads with logical retaliation that was to be unthinkingly clubbed in the broader category of youthful rebellion.

Understandably that was the last straw for my dear friend, who ended up turning the anger against himself and all those around him, left with no choice but to hurl abusive potshots at anybody who cared to listen to him. Or well, happened to be in earshot!!

It was benumbing to see a young man, possessing such glorious potential and clarity of mind and thought, well; I can safely vouch for that personally, frustrated to the level of devising nonsensical strategies in order to encounter the menace that he can see is swallowing the urban pind that is Delhi. Raring to do something, anything in order to make a difference to the dithering mess around him, he has decided to launch a vociferous campaign of non-committal retaliation that he believes to be his personal contribution to a larger cause.

I, being not half as much ideologically and theoretically sound as my dearest friend, nevertheless realised the gravity of the scenario he presented before me, and thus am ready to walk out of my rose-coloured version to take reality head on!!!!


~ by eugenicist on February 3, 2008.

One Response to “A Delhi the denizens rue!”

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Allen Taylor

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