He Said, She Said

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Do you believe in soulmates? I quizzed my forever paramour.

He glanced at me from under those mesmerizing eyes, a small smile splayed upon his lips.

“You know that I don’t,” asserted he who had weaved countless words into hymns for a love so pure.

I sat cross-legged in a humph, with a furrow in my brow.

Wondering what prompted him to say so; as then like now…

…what remained unchanged was our shared laughter that rang through the halls.

With a tune upon my lips had I fallen for this man…

…who made me weak in the knees and happy to fall.

Fall in the throes of a passion so deep, it seemed like an abyss but with light at the end.

For in him I found that for which all rules could I bend.

And now, he has the nerve to cheekily claim that soulmates we are not?

When all I hear when he smiles, are the lilting chords of my heart’s forever song.

For love and humanity

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This is us and that is them

They proclaimed aloud from the parapets of power

Plunged our home into throes of chaos

As hordes crouched and in fear did cower

But I will not have this, I shrieked; One with the voice of many

For among them were my companions of desperate hour

Your god envisioned so, they claimed

As I had a smirk at them aimed

“My god is in me”, I said…”For I am the Devi living”

“And I believe all of us are equal; with scarlet in the veins and a grit unforgiving”

Sonnet # 109

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Amorous, treacherous, and fickle to the boot

A mistress like none other, a dame so divine

She hits you in the gut with a force too brute

A steel magnolia with graces too fine


Seemingly base, yet kinder to some

With tones and hues so many plus undefined

We hem and haw, lying in wait for her to come

To a point where she seems for what we pined


But it’s never to be so, trust you me when I say

Her form is nebulous, her love for you a trance

You buckle down hard, trying to hold her sway

She lures you into the fold of her eternal dance


A lingering rhythm is all you have to sing to your heart’s delight

For such is Life indeed, a colossal dusk en route to a little light